Monday, May 16, 2011

Smelly Hostel and Warm Beer

Well, despite the title, we actually had a successful day. We started off heading to Westminster Abbey for a tour, but...funny thing really...they use it for services on Sundays! Who would have thought! We did, actually, but the next service was too far away so we just looked in St. Margaret's Church instead.

Then we spent a good portion of the day wandering the streets of London. We got a hotdog from a nice German vender on the bridge, watched some street performers including a woman whose only talent seemed to be tolerating the pain and shame of boasting herself "world's most pierced lady." She was quite terrifying actually.

We finished our day with an eventful trip to Buckingham Palace (see previous post). After a quick trip back to the hostel, we got some fish and chips and a pint at the local pub. Now let me explain our title. For those of you who have been to Europe, you understand the warm beer part. Who in their right mind would intentionally serve beer at room temperature? And our hostel...well smelt terrible. I wish I could contact someone at Unilever and let them know they should kick up their European ad campaign. PU. We are happily moved onto Paris in a clean room and smell-free.

Tomorrow's adventures will be updated as they arise. Until then, love from Europe!



  1. We love the updates and photos! Things should get better (food wise anyhow) in France. Cold and rainy here you're not missing a thing.
    Enjoy and keep posting.

  2. Jon doesn't look like he minds that warm brew all that much. We agree with Dave that you aren't missing much here, and your blog is keeping us from missing you. Your photos are great.

  3. Ahh!! I remember the warm beer...yuck!! Have to try the hard cider...Strongbow was my favorite. What was the name of the pub you went to? Sounds like you are having lots of fun, minus the hostile smell. I remember that too...YUCK!! Keep writing, I love reading!


  4. We were trying to think of the name but can't remember. It was down by a replication of a big galleon ship. Ring any bells?