Friday, May 20, 2011

Day Seven, Post Seven

I can't believe we've been in Europe for a week already. It has gone so quickly, but so slowly at the same time. It seems so long ago we were packed into the flight for six hours soaring over the Atlantic, but we have seen so much! From Piccadilly Circus to the top of the Arc de Triumph and now working our way down the boot. Tomorrow we head to the Tuscan sun--land of the wineries and country glory. Probably the part of Italy I am most excited for. But that is not to discount Venice. Today brought gelato (for the third time since we entered this country...), basilicas, city squares, spanning bridges and beautifully scenic canal rides. And just for my mommy, here are our eyes!

We took a 30 minute vaporetto, or water bus, ride down to San Marco Square to see Saint Mark's Basilica. We decided to save our church viewing for Tuscany, but it sure was impressive from the outside. And towering over the square was an extremely tall clock tower--it's bottom half is on the right side of the picture. Put poor downtown Chelsea to shame...those Italians sure knew how to decorate.

And lastly, but not least, we explored yet more of the maze of streets. Jenn, if you're reading, Jon even got you your souvenir. The one downside to Italy's beautiful weather is they still have mosquitos! And apparently they like the taste of me because my bites are huge. Jon is bitter tasting; he didn't get any. But we all knew I am sweeter ;)

Until we are sun kissed in Tuscany, see you all later!



  1. Wow this blog is just amazing. You must truly be each others "love of my life"! I will be waiting on pins and needles for another post! 'Til next time...

  2. Seven days...several countries, what you have seen in that time is amazing. Can't wait for your next post on Tuscany and the fine food you will discover there. Love hearing from you both and seeing the great pictures. Keep up the reporting. Send a pic of one of your hostels. Jan

  3. Hello guys, hope all is going well. Things here are warming up a bit but still have lots of rain. A bit of a sports update for you guys, Tigers on a 5 game losing streak. It was announced that Michigan will play U V A in basketball on 11/29/11. Unless you're home for Thanksgiving break I'm coming down to attend the game with you 2 if you're up for it. Jon, grandma says hello and she looks daily for your updates. Not a lot new here to report so keep us posted on your activities. Dave