Monday, May 23, 2011

Chianti was full

Not bad, huh? Well once we got to the top, it was even better. So here's what I learned on our tour: 1) this vineyard produces 350,000 to 400,000 bottles of wine each year 2) the explorer, Giovanni da Verrazzano, lived on the estate in the 1400's, discovered the Hudson Bay before Hudson, but only got the bridge connecting Brooklyn and Staton Island named after him, and was eaten by cannibals in the Caribbean on his last voyage to the New World. Oops. 3) the large barrels they store the wine in cost roughly €20,000 a piece (and there are rooms of them), and must be replaced at a maximum of 25 years. It's one if their most costly expenses 4) Jon likes vineyards and if the whole law thing doesn't work out, his chemical engineering may steer him in that direction... 5) there are wild boar roaming the woods around the vineyard, which are also shot and eaten and finally, 6) don't touch electric fences because they will, in fact, shock you. A fellow tourist can attest to this.

After the tour was the tasting, which was really cool. We tried four of their different wines--their classic, two others that my refined wine taste discerned to taste exactly the same and a dessert wine. It was a very cool experience. Anyone who goes to Italy should definitely consider a vineyard tour. The people know more than I knew possible about the taste of grapes, and it made for a very enjoyable afternoon.

Today was our last day in Tuscany. Tomorrow is Rome-time. Our next post will be our visit to the Vatican, and probably feature of a picture with me and the Pope. I have been working on my Latin in case he wants me to sing at the evening mass. Until then, be safe, send love and check back in because I am sure we will have a good story!



Also for the concerned mothers in Jon and my lives, this is our current hostel room. I was packing at the time of this picture, but basically it is just a bedroom. Jon wasn't a fan of the dorm style, so we haven't done those since the stinky one in London. But yeah, nice and safe. Toddles!


  1. [This post is from Grandma] I have thoroughly enjoyed the story telling and beautiful pictures. Couldn't wait for the next days movie. I can tell you are both having the time of your life. "Enjoy" Love, Gma xx

  2. Love checking the site and finding a new posting. Do you guys know who George Perot is? Anyway great narrative and telling pictures. Rome is next...get a picture of the Popes shoes, I hear they are all hand made! Everything good on the home front. Give us a weather update for Rome! Jan

  3. Cannibles, wild boars, electric fences? Are you sure it's safe there? Better say three Hail Marys. Your Grandpa Maher would have loved reading all of this site and Great G-M Whedon would have been thrilled to hear about you going to the Vatican. Tuscany looks and sounds wonderful, but remember we have vineyards in MI too. But no boars that I'm aware of anyway.

  4. Those beds look a little close together for concerned mothers' fears to be assuaged...

  5. You two tell amazing stories and I feel as if I am right there seeing Europe through your eyes. You awaken all of our senses with your keen observations and descriptions. Keep the posts coming and say hello to the Pope from us!

  6. Some people, as in brothers, are making postings too late at night. They might better get their beauty sleep or save late night posting for next week when school's out.

    Haven't heard from you two in awhile. Are you having issues about who's turn it is to post?