Sunday, May 29, 2011


We have arrived at the last destination of our trip and it has not disappointed. We are currently on the small south Aegean island of Santorini. It is a rocky island with lots of beaches and famous blue domed churches in the north. It is a popular day stop for cruise ships due to the abundance of shopping and photo ops. So far we have encountered many friendly locals and GREAT food. Let me just talk about the food for a second. I am a huge fan of spicy food, in fact pretty much everything I eat is spicy; however, up until now I hadn't had a single spicy dish anywhere else in Europe. Thankfully Greek people, like myself, are fans of Tobasco sauce, and I have been able to get it wherever I go! Also the actual food dishes we have been eating have been fantstic.

Our hostel is really nice, it features a completely private room with our own bathroom and balcony overlooking a clear, blue pool. We have been getting around on a four wheel ATV. This is the common way that people traverse the 30 km island. There are some cars and busses, but lots of ATV's and mopeds. In the main city of Fira we also walked 650 ft down a mountain to the port just so that we could take a donkey ride back to the top... It was quite entertaining. We walked all around the city of Fira and are planning to visit the other big city of Oia tonight for what is supposedly the best sunset view in the world.

We absolutely love it here.. It is hands down our favorite part of the whole trip. We like it so much, in fact, that we are going to stay an extra day and not leave until Thursday. This should give us plenty of time to explore the whole island and have a restful end to our trip. That's all for now... We are heading to dinner at a local seaside taverna before sunset. Thanks for reading.



  1. So beautiful, who wouldn't love it there? It didn't take long to determine who was writing this addition to the blog, Mr. Spicy Food. We know Amanda loves mozzarella and tomato salad - at least the version we make at home, but the one above I must say looks even better then ours.
    We had breakfast this morning with Ngoc and James. We're all getting ready for Graduation 2011 Round 2. So we're glad to hear you are planning an extra day of relaxation to ensure you arrive home on Friday ready for Saturday's celebration. Take it easy on the ATV and don't miss your flight...Love you bunches, MOM

  2. Sounds like a great place to end your vacation. A chance to relax and stay in one place for awhile must seem wonderful. I sure hope Amanda has a picture of you on that mule. That... I have to see! I will be thinking of you two all week hitting up that 24 hour bakery. Enjoy, Jan