Sunday, May 15, 2011

Here But Not Without Mishaps

We arrived Saturday morning at Heathrow airport in London after a sleepless plane ride from Boston. I went to retrieve my luggage from the carrousel only to find out from the friendly Delta employee that my bag was enjoying it's own journey to Louisville Kentucky. So I am pretty much stranded in London with just my carry on bag. I bought a shirt and some other stuff in town that Delta will reimburse me for and hopefully my bag will arrive today.

We still managed to get out and see some of the sights yesterday though.

The Westminster Cathedral was the first well known landmark that we ran into. It was a beautiful Catholic church with a tribute to St. Patrick and St. Andrew for the McKenzie's and Maher's.

This was our first look Westminster Abbey from the outside. We plan to return on Monday to take a look inside and see what we missed at the Royal wedding.

We had dinner at Lyric's just outside of Picadilly Circus for anyone familiar with the area. I had traditional fish and chips and Amanda had pie and mash (basically shepherds pie). We both loved it and recommend it to anyone coming to London.

We are going to spend the day in Oxford on a recommendation from our elderly English friends we made at dinner. More to come later!



  1. What a great start- minus the suitcase saga. I'm sure Amanda will share things with you, Jon until your luggage is returned. London looks beautiful. Great hearing from you.

  2. Great pictures...going to love traveling with you two via the blog. Hope your bag catches up with you soon Jonathon. love mom.

  3. Thanks! Keep reading our adventures and we will keep them coming!